The history of the formation of the club is considered on 19 May 2013. That’s what the day was registered by the Sports Association over Cybina Meblorz Swarzędz. From the beginning, we were close to us the idea of creating a club that nawiązywałby to local traditions. Swarzędz is associated in Poland with high-class furniture. Local artisans for decades engaged in running a family business, and workshops for generations passed down from father to son. The colors Meblorza are the same as the color of the city, a knight with the coat of arms was placed Swarzędza also the emblem of the club.

The first and so far only team Meblorza is seniors soccer team, every day in a Poznań B-class. Double A-class was at hand, but eventually missed several points to advance. Personally Meblorza team looks very good. The establishment of the club was largely motivated by the desire to associations of former players who live among the local community, who in the past celebrated the successes, but for various reasons had to stop his adventure with the ball.

On the first anniversary of Meblorz Swarzędz he organized charity matches for Cuba Gajewski, one of the fans, who for years struggling with the disease. The showpiece match starring swarzędzcy players and Lech Poznan Old Boys, where he leveled the match were top players Kolejorz, who defeated the hosts 5-4. In its short history, we have also appeared in the international tournament. In 2014, Meblorz was invited to the memorial Pavla Outraty held in the Czech Republic. Despite the lack of greater success, we have accumulated experience in the challenge with better teams. February 19, 2016, the municipality Swarzedz announced the results of an online poll on the best team in the community in which Meblorz was proclaimed the best team of the last 2,015 years.

The main objectives that we set for ourselves as a club for the near future is the establishment of women’s football section and youth teams.